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Healing over my uterus from a mass fibroid and cyst on my ovaries, I am currently post menopausal and I was told 3 years ago that I was to have a hysterectomy and remove everything but as I fasted for 21 days and then 65 days apart I heard God both times say no surgery that He is my surgeon and He would perform a miracle for many to see as I testified. He has healed me many times in the past and protected my life when the enemy tired to kill me and I now this is another attack as even tho I praise God thru it and I’m in no pain at all and healthy according to all my blood work results . I did seek a natural doctor and she said she agrees I shouldn’t have surgery since all my blood work are great numbers and I’m in over all healthy . I am currently active and have been for many years in my church and as we traveled and lived over seas . I am in the prayer team at my church and the enemy has even tried to attack me there with other believers with jealousy and envy and many times I have prayed for many that received healing and I give God the glory alone for using me as His vessel and His beloved daughter. I know the enemy wants me to quit in the prayer team but I heard God again say no to remain there faithful no matter what attacks come at me but to know that He protects me and for me to keep praying for others and not allow offense to take root. Me and my husband also lead abs coach a Freedom groups which we just had a conference this past two weeks and the new semester starts in September again. I want to continue with my husband James doing God has called us to serve Him and help His children that are hurting and lost. My husband is a government worker and started a new job which was a blessing from God and I am a freelance trainer which currently due to covid my clients have decreased and I’m trusting God to increase my clientele since God has gifted me with my personal fitness training abilities and it’s a ministry to me since God has brought many to me to help and speak about His love for them. I also had a client that I gone train which that has been a blessing to be able to pray for her and she has poured out her heart to me of past hurts and God has been healing her heart also. Thank you for your prayers for me and my husband and healing that I believe is coming and for God to give me direction in everything I do for His glory . Amen