At Gateway Bible Church you will experience modern, energetic and authentic worship. Our musicians. vocalists, and AV team work together to provide an atmosphere where you can be alone with God even while worshiping alongside your family and friends. 

Our overall mission for the Worship Ministry can best be described in Psalm 33:3 which says: "Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy." At Gateway, we love new songs, we strive to play skillfully, by auditioning each member prior to being a part of the team and we love "shouting for joy” over the Lord's goodness and love for us. 

Join us this Sunday to be a part of the celebration!

If the Lord has gifted you in the area of music or the arts and you would like to serve on the Worship Team, we would love to schedule an audition. Please see the audition requirements for more information and how to schedule an audition. 

E-mail Pastor Stephen for more info!